Press Release creation of a CoDir

NETIA enters a new phase with the appointment of a new CEO and the creation of a CoDir.

NETIA, a leading publisher of enterprise software for radio and podcast professionals, is preparing for the future by appointing a new CEO and forming a Management Committee (CoDir). This strategic move is aimed at nurturing a new generation of leaders intimately connected to the field, from users to developers. This move will strengthen the expertise and accountability of NETIA's teams, facilitating a collaborative environment to better target, together with its customers and partners, the continued success of audio.

Towards the end of 2022, NETIA launched a think tank aimed at co-constructing a new governance structure. This innovative initiative stems from the company’s aspiration to proactively prepare for the future, while providing growth and skill-building opportunities to dedicated and resilient employees who have showcased their commitment over the years.

Through in-depth discussions, the working group members successfully formulated a comprehensive proposal for the establishment of a Management Committee (CoDir). This extensive analysis delved into the operational aspects of the future CoDir, ultimately identifying individuals with proven expertise, enthusiasm, motivation, and alignment with NETIA’s strategic vision and values. These contributors have emerged as highly qualified candidates to contribute to the CoDir’s responsibilities.

In mid-May, the Board of Directors appointed a group of talented managers with extensive experience in the radio ecosystem within NETIA to the CoDir. The newly appointed members, Moira Barry, Jean-Philippe Carrico, Simon Leibovici, Alexandre Martinez, and Frédérick Monge, will collectively make operational decisions for NETIA. They will also actively contribute to shaping the company’s global strategy, ensuring its growth, and staying connected to the realities in the field.

At the end of May, Simon Leibovici’s appointment as Managing Director of NETIA has been confirmed. In addition to managing operations, he will lead the CoDir. With his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the audio sector, Mr. Leibovici will provide a strategic vision and exceptional skills to support NETIA’s renewal and drive it towards new opportunities.

The decision to transition to a new generation of managers is essential for the ongoing success of NETIA, considering the impressive achievements made over the past 5 years under the guidance of Mr. Bruno Tézenas du Montcel. Initially serving as Chief Customer Officer and later as Chairman and CEO, Mr. Tézenas du Montcel has played a crucial role in restoring NETIA’s prosperity. To ensure a seamless transition, Mr. Tézenas du Montcel will continue as Chairman of NETIA and provide his supportive and high expectations to the CoDir team.

Comme l’indique le Président Bruno Tézenas du Montcel : “Les administrateurs de NETIA et sa société mère Radio Act se réjouissent de cette étape clé qui renforce la capacité de l’entreprise à demeurer durablement un éditeur spécialiste des systèmes métiers pour l’industrie audio, offrant à ses acteurs l’opportunité de constituer des partenariats technologiques fiables sur le long terme.” Le développement de cette nouvelle équipe de direction, composée de professionnels passionnés et expérimentés, témoigne de l’engagement de toutes les parties prenantes à accompagner les clients de NETIA dans la transformation de leur écosystème.